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Don’t you hate it when someone ticks you off and then they pretend that nothing ever happened?

Dont you hate when someone is so blind that they can’t see who they really are?

Dont you hate when people change for the worse?

Dont you hate when someone notices your flaws rather than your perfections?

Dont you hate when Ice Cream melts?

Dont you hate when teachers gove you assignments like there’s no tomorrow?

Dont you hate it when its almost the end of they year and you still have to do work?

Dont you hate it when you see someone get something they dont deserve while the person that does deserve doesnt get anything?

Dont you hate when….


Many people may have both a MySpace and Facebook. Some people may have just one. Everybody has their own reasons for picking MySpace or Facebook. Here are some of the reason why Facebook could be better than MySpace:

1. On Facebook you can see notifications without actually going on them.

2.On facebook by clicking on photos, you have all the photos in one place from everyone.

3.on facebook you can become a fan of things or like things.

Those were some of the good things. There are bad things though.

1.on facebook when you click friends, it takes you to recommended friends and not your friends. which can get annoying.

2.on facebook all your friends can see everything that you’re doing. even what you write to someone else. so it’s not that private.

3.on facebook you can’t have your own background.

Now onto MySpace. The good things.

1.on myspace you can personalize your page however you like.

2.not everyone sees everything you see, do, write,or comment on. can see when someone is online and how many views you profile got.

Bad things about MySpace get to someone’s photos you have to go thru their page and some people don’t include the button.

2.some stuuf takes forever to load.

3.the im thing doesn’t work all the time 

If you know anymore comment and say whether you like fb or MySpace  better


When life gives you wordpress. I think what to do. What to say. What to think. But most importantly what in the world to write about. I want to write about silly stuff but also have serious things. I want to write about things that i care about but also things i don’t. I want to most importantly write freely like no one is listening but they are. Just a warning my honest opinion on stuff is going to be on here so don’t be shocked, or mad or angry or sad. Just leave a comment. I’ll try and come on daily, and at least once a week. Wish me good luck, Martina. 😉

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